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Day 9 - Today let us pray for...

...The Hive at Peasedown St John


Christians from all the churches in Peasedown St John have come together to set up The Hive Community Centre in the village.  It’s in a large building on the main street that was previously the B&NES Youth Centre.   The Hive is for everyone who live in the Peasedown St John area, providing an excellent space for...

  • Youth work with local young people
  • Social, creative, sports and leisure activities for the whole community
  • Support for those who are most in need


Please pray...

For the youth work at The Hive, for the youth worker and volunteers, and for the young people

That it will be a place where many people can enjoy being together, and where many events and activities can take place

That this will bring wellbeing and community cohesion and support to all who are most in need

For the Community Café that will be operating from the building

For the plans to open the building fully, as soon as the pandemic allows

Joy Fraser

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