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Day 7 - Today let us pray that...

...Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven


In heaven there is total harmony within the Trinity so for the kingdom to come on earth ‘as it is in heaven’ suggests that all believers live together in harmony under the Kingship of the King.

Pray that...

Jesus would be famous in Bath and acknowledged as King

As a community of believers in Bath we demonstrate love and care for one another, for the as-yet unbeliever and for the ‘sojourner’ (visitor).

There would be growing honouring of one another and flowing together among the churches

That churches would pray for and support one another as far as is practical both in word and action, even in finance.

That church leaders would have the grace and wisdom to lead their congregations well, particularly in this challenging Covid environment, and that those in churches would appropriately honour and support their leaders.

Nigel Ring

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