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Day 38 - Today let us pray for

... The YMCA's Big Sleep Easy Event tonight

YMCA Big Sleep Easy

Many people end up homeless because they have fallen on hard times such as unemployment, needing to leave the family home, or relationship breakdowns – it can happen to anyone.

This is the day of the YMCA Big Sleep Easy – an event where we encourage people to sleep out / rough and raise money to support our valuable work with vulnerable young people and homelessness.  This year, due to the pandemic,  we are asking people to sleep anywhere other than their bed – so maybe the lounge floor or if they have an outside space, to use that – but to stay safe.

Let us pray...

  • For all those who are really sleeping rough tonight or are at risk of homelessness or feeling scared in their accommodation.
  • That they can feel the love of God’s nurturing arms and seek the help and support they need to move on or move out of their current situation and seek support. 
  • That a time will come when no one needs to be homeless in this country and further afield, and everyone can access a safe place to stay
  • For all those supporting the YMCA tonight by taking part in the Big Sleep Easy or by sponsoring their valuable charitable work

Find out more about the YMCA Big Sleep Here

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