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Day 34 - Today let us pray for

... our witness in the places where we live

“We feel like we can be real, be authentic, be ourselves, here in Twerton.  We take great comfort from Jesus’ words in the Beatitudes when he says “blessed are the poor in spirit”.

If you know that you are weak, if you know that you don’t have it all together, if you know that you need God, I want to encourage you today that you are blessed.

Someone defined evangelism as one beggar pointing another beggar to where to find bread.  That is what we are doing here as a church.  We are beggars sharing where to find bread with other beggars.  We are the poor sharing with the poor.

There are different kinds of poverty.  There is a significant material and emotional poverty here in Twerton.  But ultimately we are the poor in spirit sharing with other poor how to find the Saviour Jesus.

Be encouraged today with the blessing of knowing that we are weak, but he is strong.”

Let us pray...

For the mission of our churches in the areas where we live

For everyone who lives in the Twerton area

That we may be able to recognise that we are beggars ourselves, and poor in spirit

That we may be able to point others to where to find the bread of life

That we may know that we are blessed ourselves, and will then be able to share that blessing with others

Rev. Richard White, Team Rector, St Michaels Church, Twerton 

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