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Day 3 - Today let us pray for...

...for all who are struggling during difficult times


Please pray for...

Those who have lost their loved ones due to Covid 19. May they have courage and strength.

Those who are struggling due to the pandemic. May they be brave and have wisdom.

People of our age, continuing with school. May be understanding, and feel included.

Key workers who are keeping the community together. May they be shown gratitude and love.

Everyone working in the support staff in the NHS. May they have peace and resilience.

All in the front line of the NHS. May they receive support and have patience.

Younger generations whose lives have been turned around by the pandemic. May they be shown help and goodness.

Those who are less fortunate than us, and those who can’t see their families. May they be faithful and cared for.

All those who don’t know you yet. May they seek, find and know your love, kindness and grace

Hannah Atkins, Age 13, All Saints, Weston in Bath

Hebrews 13:8 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever  

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