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Day 22 - Today let us pray for

...our Hospitals

As the Department of Health's data reveals that on Monday March 8th the number of confirmed daily COVID-19 cases across Somerset and Bath increased by 43 we lift up all the staff and those needing treatment at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. 

A number of staff have been unwell or isolating.  Emergency Department and Ward staff often working lengthened shifts in unusually physically and emotionally challenging conditions.  Patients and their families are struggling with consequential family sickness, mental anguish and loss.

Please pray for...

God’s protection and the physical and emotional strength of staff, especially in Emergency and Chaplaincy Departments.

Faith and healing for patients

Encouragement and endurance for families

Timely full recovery for sick and exhausted staff

Energy and hope for residents and patients in Care Homes in the Bath area

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