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Day 18 - Today let us pray for...

...the students in our Universities and Colleges

So many of us in Bath are students.     With University being such a key time for spiritual transformation, there is an urgency for prayer for these guys.  We need to pray for our students, and with our students...

That they fall more in love with Jesus

That they become more like Jesus

That they do the things that he did, with boldness and courage

For revival in the city for our students, that they put their hope in Jesus

For the mental health of our students, especially with everything being shut, and not being able to see anyone

For healing, and that their lives can be restored, and they can be brought back to Jesus

That they have a hunger for reaching the lost

And for the local churches that they are plugged in to

Pray that we might know how to support and encourage our students along the way.

Jodie Lintern     Matt Harbour      Luisa Hill

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