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Day 17 - Today let us pray for...

Compassionate Community

Compassionate Community is a movement that inspires and supports people in the Bath and North East Somerset area to help each other, by providing an infrastructure that encourages and enables individuals, organisations and networks to work together, with the shared aim of supporting people in need and building strong local communities.

During the last year, over two thousand local people have volunteered to do shopping for their neighbours.  Many more are now volunteering to help in the vaccination centres.

Please pray... 

For all the volunteers, that they will remain safe and be able to provide much needed support

For people in our area who are vulnerable and shielding, that they will remain safe and get all the help they need

That the vaccination centres will operate well, with excellent teamwork, and with a real welcome for everyone who comes

For the team at Compassionate Community, that they will be able to manage all the requests for help

For everyone working as part of the Community Wellbeing Hub, providing different types of support to people in need, that they will be equipped to answer every call for help

That our local communities will be strengthened, and that the love of God will spread through the City of Bath and the surrounding area.

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