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Day 10 - Today let us pray for

The vaccination programme

The vaccination programme is an international priority that affects everyone on earth.  In the UK it is progressing faster than in other countries in Europe and worldwide.  As this happens, scientists are already working on the next set of vaccines to be effective on future variations of the virus.

We thank you for your love for each one of us Lord, as we seek your blessing and navigate this time together.

We thank you for all those who have developed the vaccines, and who are now manufacturing them in factories worldwide.

We pray that vaccines will reach all those countries that can least afford them, and that the rollout of vaccinations will proceed everywhere as soon as possible.

We pray for all those who are nervous of receiving a vaccine, that false rumours will be overturned, and that everyone possible will receive protection, and lives will be saved.

We pray for all who are coordinating and running the two big vaccination centres in the Bath area at the Pavilion and Bath Racecourse, and the smaller centres too, for the skills, resilience and teamwork that will continue to be required over the months ahead.

We pray for all the volunteers who are supporting our vaccination centres, directing traffic on cold winter days, welcoming and helping people as they arrive, and we thank you for their dedication and commitment.  Protect and encourage them we pray.

We thank you that we can now see a staged end to the current lockdown, and we pray that we will all continue to be patient over the months ahead.



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