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Welcome to Lent Prayers for Bath 

Belinda Thomas, BathCAN

Day 1 - Today let us pray that...


...we will be one in Jesus Christ

We come before you Lord with a heart for this city of Bath and the surrounding villages.

We want to discover how we can demonstrate the fact that we who are ‘baptised’ (changed in heart) are all one in Christ Jesus.   Show us Lord.

In a world that is ever more polarised and where people have been thrust apart in all sorts of ways by the impact of Covid-19, we pray that we will discover together what being one in Christ (rooted and abiding in him), really means.

Let us confess when we have held ourselves apart from other parts of the one church in this city and beyond.

We commit to positively engaging with those who are different from ourselves, to intentionally strive (as an act of the will) to be in relationship with them, and to be generous towards them. 

We acknowledge that we are all simply human beings muddling through this wonderful gift of life. However as Christians we’ve chosen to do so as followers of Jesus – and that’s an exciting and humbling adventure.  Thank you Lord.

‘As many of you as were baptised into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus’.  Galatians 3v27-28

Revd Stephen Girling

Day 2 - Today let us pray for...


...everyone struggling with, or at risk of poor mental health


We are in an epidemic of mental health.  In the Bath area, mental health facilities are provided by Charities such as Mind and Off the Record, by local GP’s, and by Specialised Services from Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust.

Please pray...

That as Covid rescinds, people in need of help can access the wide range of services easily and speedily.

May people find peace and hope as experts help them.

And let us pray blessing upon all the staff and volunteers who provide such loving care and support.


Ernie Messer, Vice Chair and Senior Independent Director – AWP Mental Health NHS Trust.

Day 3 - Today let us pray for...


...for all who are struggling during difficult times


Please pray for...

Those who have lost their loved ones due to Covid 19. May they have courage and strength.

Those who are struggling due to the pandemic. May they be brave and have wisdom.

People of our age, continuing with school. May be understanding, and feel included.

Key workers who are keeping the community together. May they be shown gratitude and love.

Everyone working in the support staff in the NHS. May they have peace and resilience.

All in the front line of the NHS. May they receive support and have patience.

Younger generations whose lives have been turned around by the pandemic. May they be shown help and goodness.

Those who are less fortunate than us, and those who can’t see their families. May they be faithful and cared for.

All those who don’t know you yet. May they seek, find and know your love, kindness and grace

Hannah Atkins, Age 13, All Saints, Weston in Bath

Hebrews 13:8 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever  

Day 4 - Today let us pray for


...our Church Leaders in the Bath area


that they may be able to gather together in prayer and fellowship

that they may build together a deepening friendship and oneness

that they may share time together, and what they are giving themselves to

that they may be blessed by times of prayer together

believing this is key for God’s kingdom to increase.

Paul Wakely

Day 5 - Today let us pray for...


...all those in need of food

Food pantries exist to provide long term weekly access to low cost, high quality food.

We support people who are in in food crisis, some of whom may have previously accessed foodbanks, and also aim to prevent people from reaching crisis point. There are now a number in Bath, run by a variety of organisations, and this is an area of rapidly growing need.  We have been open since September 2020 and have experienced a significant growth in people needing us.  All Saints Church run the Welcome Café and Food Club. Mercy in Action run the Pantry in Twerton.

Please pray for...

for those whose circumstances have been changed dramatically by Covid-19

all of the people currently experiencing food insecurity

the people already accessing long term food support

people who are struggling financially but haven't yet heard about food pantries

all pantry volunteers in B&NES

for systemic change to challenge the acceptance of such high levels of inequality in our country, and to address the root causes.

Claire Henwood, Make Lunch & Oasis Pantry, Oasis Hub Bath

Day 6 - Today let us pray that...


..we have a heart to serve the city

One of the many groups serving the City is the ‘helps ministry’ in Life Church Bath.

Their aim is to encourage and empower this local church to express the love of Christ in good works.  So far this includes a regular litter pick in Twerton, working in a community garden, clearing a garden for a vulnerable family, and providing drivers and muscle to deliver food to families and help in the warehouse of Mercy in Action.

They are looking forward to the coming year when they will be able to help other families and work with other churches across the city to meet local needs.

Please pray...

We thank God for the good relationships between the churches in the city, and pray that this relationship will be stronger and closer because of the lockdowns and reduction in activity.

We pray that across the city and surrounding villages, members of our churches will be able to help vulnerable families, and join together in other community initiatives.

Father we thank you that you see your church in Bath as a light to this city. In this next 12 months please let your light shine through our good works. May it  shine brightly so that many folk see the light of the gospel, the good news about Jesus.

Please keep reminding us Father there is only ‘one church in Bath,’ and that we your servants will work together, harmoniously conveying your love to this hungry and thirsty world.

Mike Smith, Life Church, Bath

Matthew 5 v 14-15

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Day 7 - Today let us pray that...


...Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven


In heaven there is total harmony within the Trinity so for the kingdom to come on earth ‘as it is in heaven’ suggests that all believers live together in harmony under the Kingship of the King.

Pray that...

Jesus would be famous in Bath and acknowledged as King

As a community of believers in Bath we demonstrate love and care for one another, for the as-yet unbeliever and for the ‘sojourner’ (visitor).

There would be growing honouring of one another and flowing together among the churches

That churches would pray for and support one another as far as is practical both in word and action, even in finance.

That church leaders would have the grace and wisdom to lead their congregations well, particularly in this challenging Covid environment, and that those in churches would appropriately honour and support their leaders.

Nigel Ring

Day 8 - Today let us pray...


...that Bibles will be available for all who need them

"Good news for Everyone " is the new name for Gideons in this country.  They give large numbers of bibles and of the HOPE Magazine to many different organisations in our local communities

Please pray...

That Good News for Everyone are able to continue their ministry in lockdown and when circumstances permit 

That they are able to present the written word of God - bibles (and the HOPE magazine) - in the traffic lanes of life (including schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, care homes, prisons and elsewhere)

For wisdom and courage to find open doors for the distribution of bibles

For all those in our communities who discover the bible for the first time, that they will learn to love the word of God, and give their lives to Jesus

David Holden-White

Day 9 - Today let us pray for...


...The Hive at Peasedown St John


Christians from all the churches in Peasedown St John have come together to set up The Hive Community Centre in the village.  It’s in a large building on the main street that was previously the B&NES Youth Centre.   The Hive is for everyone who live in the Peasedown St John area, providing an excellent space for...

  • Youth work with local young people
  • Social, creative, sports and leisure activities for the whole community
  • Support for those who are most in need


Please pray...

For the youth work at The Hive, for the youth worker and volunteers, and for the young people

That it will be a place where many people can enjoy being together, and where many events and activities can take place

That this will bring wellbeing and community cohesion and support to all who are most in need

For the Community Café that will be operating from the building

For the plans to open the building fully, as soon as the pandemic allows

Joy Fraser

Day 10 - Today let us pray for


... The vaccination programme

The vaccination programme is an international priority that affects everyone on earth.  In the UK it is progressing faster than in other countries in Europe and worldwide.  As this happens, scientists are already working on the next set of vaccines to be effective on future variations of the virus.

We thank you for your love for each one of us Lord, as we seek your blessing and navigate this time together.

We thank you for all those who have developed the vaccines, and who are now manufacturing them in factories worldwide.

We pray that vaccines will reach all those countries that can least afford them, and that the rollout of vaccinations will proceed everywhere as soon as possible.

We pray for all those who are nervous of receiving a vaccine, that false rumours will be overturned, and that everyone possible will receive protection, and lives will be saved.

We pray for all who are coordinating and running the two big vaccination centres in the Bath area at the Pavilion and Bath Racecourse, and the smaller centres too, for the skills, resilience and teamwork that will continue to be required over the months ahead.

We pray for all the volunteers who are supporting our vaccination centres, directing traffic on cold winter days, welcoming and helping people as they arrive, and we thank you for their dedication and commitment.  Protect and encourage them we pray.

We thank you that we can now see a staged end to the current lockdown, and we pray that we will all continue to be patient over the months ahead.

Day 11 - Today let us pray for...


...those who are leading people to Jesus

Graham Duke and Simon Guillebaud lead different teams into the middle of Bath on Saturday mornings to engage with passers-by and shoppers, and share the gospel with them. They invariably have incredible conversations and almost every time one or several people decide to follow Jesus. They use the Jesus at the Door materials, with simple steps to making a commitment.

Please pray...

For all who take part, for sensitivity to the Spirit, and anointed sharing

That more of us will decide to join in

For soft receptive hearts, fruitful conversations, and lasting fruit

That people will turn to Jesus every week


Please join in – you are so welcome - please contact Simon at [email protected]

Day 12 - Today let us pray for...


...for volunteers who are working so hard during this pandemic


The Genesis Trust in Bath supports homeless and vulnerable people on their journey from crisis to independence.

Please pray ...

For all those attending Genesis to encounter the love of God, for their lives to be transformed spiritually physically  emotionally   mentally materially

For all staff and trustees and volunteers supporting all the Genesis Trust projects that are currently active in supporting homeless, hungry and vulnerable people in Bath.

For volunteers who are unable to support us because of the COVID restrictions to know that they are valued. We give thanks for all the volunteers from the Soup Run, Lunchbox and Family Matters.

For continued blessings financially so that we can support people as well as we can with generosity, compassion and kindness.

For wisdom, discernment and clarity as we move into 2021 and need to adapt our projects to meet new and changing situations.

And we give thanks for all the people who have been part of the Genesis Trust journey since the first Soup Run 30 years ago and being founded as a charity 25 years ago.

Steve Hughes, Chaplain, Genesis Trust

Luke 4 v 18 – 19

The spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour

Day 13 - Today let us pray for


...our Maternity Services at the Royal United Hospital

...where many hundreds of babies are born every year, supported by a team of dedicated professionals.  We thank you that whatever we are going through, God is with us

Please pray for..

All the midwives, obstetricians, health staff and support staff

For safety, wise decisions and teamwork

For the staff to be valued for all that they do

For mothers to feel that they get good care and that they feel supported in every way

For all the babies born at the RUH to have the best start in life

Jo Skinner, Midwife at RUH Bath

Psalm 139:13-14

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  


Day 14 - Today let us pray for...


...the children who are in need of a loving home


Home for Good is a national Christian charity that encourages adoption and fostering in the Christian community.  Their aim is to find a loving home for every child who needs one.  Home for Good in the BANES area is part of the Genesis Trust.

Please pray

That loving homes will be found for every child who needs one in this area

For those considering adopting or fostering children who are in the care system

For those who are caring for kids who have had a tricky start in life, and have brought them into their family

For our church communities as we support families with adopted and fostered children

That every child in the care system will be safe, and find a good home, and be able to live their life to the full


James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.     


Day 15 - Today let us pray that we will...


...have wisdom in difficult circumstances

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Let us pray for those who have lost loved ones, and for all who are finding these times difficult.

For the NHS and for all front line staff, that they may have wisdom and strength.

For those behind the scenes in hospitals, that they may know how much we appreciate them.

And for those who have not yet found the Lord in the path of life.  Let them be guided by the Lord’s light.

Abi Atkins. Age 13. All Saints Weston in Bath

1 John 1:5  

This is the message that we have heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.    

Day 16 - Today let us pray for


...for the clients, the staff and the volunteers of Bath Foodbank

Please pray...

For those needing to use the foodbank for the first time, never thinking they’d be in this position. Let them feel assured and supported.

For those who don’t have a safe place to retreat to as we are all encouraged to stay home and stay safe. Please pray for their safety, and for all our clients that their wider needs would be met.

For those who face constant financial struggles and who are not always able to put food on their tables. Pray that our food parcels make a difference.

For the mental and physical health for our volunteers who have stepped up during these uncertain times.


Angela Jameson – Foodbank volunteer

Day 17 - Today let us pray for...


Compassionate Community

Compassionate Community is a movement that inspires and supports people in the Bath and North East Somerset area to help each other, by providing an infrastructure that encourages and enables individuals, organisations and networks to work together, with the shared aim of supporting people in need and building strong local communities.

During the last year, over two thousand local people have volunteered to do shopping for their neighbours.  Many more are now volunteering to help in the vaccination centres.

Please pray... 

For all the volunteers, that they will remain safe and be able to provide much needed support

For people in our area who are vulnerable and shielding, that they will remain safe and get all the help they need

That the vaccination centres will operate well, with excellent teamwork, and with a real welcome for everyone who comes

For the team at Compassionate Community, that they will be able to manage all the requests for help

For everyone working as part of the Community Wellbeing Hub, providing different types of support to people in need, that they will be equipped to answer every call for help

That our local communities will be strengthened, and that the love of God will spread through the City of Bath and the surrounding area.

Day 18 - Today let us pray for...


...the students in our Universities and Colleges

So many of us in Bath are students.     With University being such a key time for spiritual transformation, there is an urgency for prayer for these guys.  We need to pray for our students, and with our students...

That they fall more in love with Jesus

That they become more like Jesus

That they do the things that he did, with boldness and courage

For revival in the city for our students, that they put their hope in Jesus

For the mental health of our students, especially with everything being shut, and not being able to see anyone

For healing, and that their lives can be restored, and they can be brought back to Jesus

That they have a hunger for reaching the lost

And for the local churches that they are plugged in to

Pray that we might know how to support and encourage our students along the way.

Jodie Lintern     Matt Harbour      Luisa Hill

Day 19 - Today let us pray for...

01.01.2021 beginnings

 The Life Recovery Course, which is run by the Genesis Trust in Bath, supports people who are looking for new beginnings and better futures.

Please pray for...

All those on the Life Recovery Courses, that they would feel safe and have the course to keep attending and reflect on their lives and what they want for the future.

For the course facilitators, that they would have the sensitivity and discernment to lead the groups and the understanding, wisdom and knowledge to answer questions.

That in all our interactions and activities we reach people in ways that encourage them to actively seek to develop their wellbeing and spiritual journey

Sue Fourie, Life Skills Manager, Genesis Trust

Day 20 - Today let us pray for...


... the continued and safe education of our children during this COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID 19 Pandemic has brought many difficulties for our education system.  We have seen schools open and close with very little time to prepare for the continued and safe education of our children.  The wellbeing of teachers, support staff, children and their parents /carers has been challenged to a level that has not been seen before.

As schools welcome all pupils back today, please pray for schools in the Bath area

  • that teachers, support staff, children and their parents / carers stay safe with the full re-opening of schools.
  • that teachers and support staff will have the wisdom to identify clear priorities for each child and understand the challenges which some pupils may face in returning to the classroom.
  • for the wellbeing and resilience for our teaching and support staff in the face of constantly changing circumstances and that they will be able to maintain a reasonable work-life balance
  • that teachers and support staff will be vaccinated soon.
  • that parents will have confidence and feel secure as their children return to school after extended periods of home learning.
  • that each day will bring renewed Hope

Derek Hall

Chair of Governors, WASPS School

Day 21 - Today let us pray for...


Life Projects

Please pray that ...

the few people still sleeping outside in the Bath area will accept help to come in from outside.

for those who have their own home, but find it difficult to manage their finances, keep it clean and deal with all the administration involved.  It has been known for some people to go without heating and hot water for more than a year.

for “boaters” (people who live on boats on the canal) who have lost employment and struggling to make ends meet and pay for the required maintenance to keep their boats habitable.

Day 22 - Today let us pray for


...our Hospitals

As the Department of Health's data reveals that on Monday March 8th the number of confirmed daily COVID-19 cases across Somerset and Bath increased by 43 we lift up all the staff and those needing treatment at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. 

A number of staff have been unwell or isolating.  Emergency Department and Ward staff often working lengthened shifts in unusually physically and emotionally challenging conditions.  Patients and their families are struggling with consequential family sickness, mental anguish and loss.

Please pray for...

God’s protection and the physical and emotional strength of staff, especially in Emergency and Chaplaincy Departments.

Faith and healing for patients

Encouragement and endurance for families

Timely full recovery for sick and exhausted staff

Energy and hope for residents and patients in Care Homes in the Bath area

Day 23 - Today let us pray for


...the staff of B&NES Council

This has been a challenging year for all our local service providers, including the officers, members and staff of our Council helping to keep us all safe during the pandemic.  We thank you Lord for each one of them, and for all the work that they do.

We pray for...

The general wellbeing and mental health of all our Council staff

Particularly for those working in Adult Services and Children’s Services

Public Health officers, working in partnership with the NHS.

All our Councillors in their roles in their wards and for the whole community

Day 24 - Today let us pray for...

01.01.2021 support during this COVID-19 Pandemic

Genesis’ Lifeline and Life Skills support vulnerable people in the Bath area online and on the phone during lockdown

Please pray...

That all the phone calls connect with those in need, that they are timely, alleviating loneliness and providing community when community is difficult

That there is restoration and hope for the future.

That they may feel peace and an overwhelming sense of love

That there are opportunities to speak out God’s blessing

That the people we support stay connected and feel able to ask for help

For everyone we support to stay well mentally and to be able to look after their wellbeing

That people avoiding self-medicating with drugs and alcohol during lockdown 

Denise Weikert and Matt Prescott, Life Skills Facilitators, Genesis Trust

“The Lord is close to the broken hearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed”. Psalm 34:18

Day 25 - Today let us pray that...


...our students will be resilient

There are many thousands of students who live in Bath and are part of our local community.  All have been affected by the events of the past year.

Please pray for...

Students dealing with uncertainty and coping with isolation

Students and staff adjusting to new learning and teaching models

For mental health and wellbeing and for healthy relationships

Transitions as more students come back to Bath after lockdown

Students in their final year facing the pressure of assessments and final exams

Those coping with the disappointment of cancelled placements


Karen Turner, Student Chaplain

Day 26 - Today let us pray for


...Mothering Sunday

Let us pray together on this Mothering Sunday

Dear God, thank you that you have comforted us as your children.  You have led us with cords of kindness and bands of love. You have provided many good things for us and cared for us when we have had little.  Thank you for being like a mother to us.  Amen. 

Lord, we thank you for the women you put in our lives who have cared for us.  For mothers and carers of every type, aunties, grandmothers and the many women who helped raise us.  Where we miss them may you comfort us. As we pray for each other, we recognise that sometimes mothers are not perfect like you.  Where we are hurt, may you restore us.  Amen.

We pray for children who are currently not with the mother figure or parents they need or are facing uncertainty and instability.  Would you pour out your love, comfort and peace. Amen.

Help us to each follow the model of motherly love that you set in your Word and in our lives.  May we reflect that goodness into the lives of all we meet. Amen.

Day 27 - Today let us pray for


...that everyone has a home


Having a home is such a basic human need that many take it for granted.  Yet there are many people in the Bath area for whom housing is a major challenge...


We pray for...

Those who are homeless, that they may find good homes, and may be supported every step of the way

Those who provide the homes and all the support, including the Council, Housing Associations and charities, that they may work well together to provide all that is needed

Those who are struggling in accommodation that is poor, or does not meet their needs


Day 28 - Today let us pray for


...our universities

The University of Bath and Bath Spa University are facing unparalleled challenges at this time.

Please pray...

For wisdom for the management teams in our Universities as they adapt and make plans for the future

For the Chaplaincy teams, as they walk alongside people of many different backgrounds

For CathSoc and the Christian Unions; persevering and showing God’s love in new ways

For protection and health as we all adapt to new ways of living and working

For all, that we might sense God’s presence among us and around us

Karen Turner, Student Chaplain                 

Day 29 - Today let us pray for


Local Politics

There is a need for more local people to actively engage in local politics in the Bath area, both now and in the future

We pray...

That young people in our area will become interested in politics and will start to engage

That there be more education about politics (constitutional matters, electoral procedures etc) in our schools.

That we may be a society that welcomes change and embraces diversity

For the Council as they actively seek to involve more individuals from the community in decision-making.

Shelley Bromley and Ruth Malloy, B&NES Councillors

Day 30 - Today let us pray for

The Furniture Project

The Furniture Project provides furniture and support to people in the Bath area

Please pray...

  • For people moving into accommodation for the first time who need support with start-up packs and furniture to make their ‘housing’ into a home
  • Give thanks for other agencies in the city and how well people and organisations have been working together to support vulnerable people in the Bath area.
  • Pray for people across the Bath area to have strength for today to get them through their difficulties and bright hope for tomorrow
  • For favour as we grow the Furniture Project Online Shop, to support people further afield

Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fails. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3 v 22-23

Hilary Long, Community and Events Manager, Genesis Trust

Day 31 - Today let us pray for


...a safe environment

The protection of our environment requires us all to reduce our energy usage through every means available...

We pray

For the will and capacity to tackle the climate emergency and the pollution level which blight the lives of so many of our often poorer citizens.

For all involved in encouraging the local economy in the Bath area to develop in more sustainable ways

For those ensuring that all new buildings are energy efficient, and for retrofitting old buildings

Safer public spaces, especially for pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooter riders.

That as residents we may all embrace change in our lives and lifestyles, so we can all look forward to a healthier and more sustainable future


Shelley Bromley and Ruth Malloy, B&NES Councillors

Day 32 - Today let us pray for


....The Petra Project

Petra provides houses for young mothers and their babies, or pregnant women. We currently have 4 homes in and around Bath, with the capacity to house 18 mothers and their babies who would otherwise be facing homelessness. Our support workers are on hand every day to teach life skills such as money management, cooking and nutrition, to enable independence and self sufficiency. The average residential stay is 14 months. When ready, we support the women in finding new, suitable accommodation for them and their children.

We give thanks:

  • That our houses have been safe 'bubbles' during the pandemic, protecting our vulnerable mothers from the loneliness and instability that many others have had to face
  • For the 16 mothers we have already assisted in finding their own permanent accommodation
  • For the privilege of seeing these women grow and flourish, becoming more confident as mums and individuals.

Please pray for:

  • Good relationships between staff/volunteers and resident mums, so they can gain the most out of their time living with Petra
  • Relationships between the mums in the houses, so they can better support each other, and continue these positive relationships once they've moved on
  • The project to grow and be able to support more mothers and babies in need

Day 31 - Today let us pray for


...for each other

Paul constantly prays for the churches he has planted, so let us follow his example and pray for each other.  There are many churches in the Bath area, and there are thousands of Christians who worship in this city.

Let us...

Joyfully thank God for each other, and for all that we share together 

Thank God for all our churches

Pray that we will all be partners in sharing the gospel in this city

Pray that our love together will flourish

Pray that we will be filled with the fruit of righteousness 

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.....And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, 11 filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.,  Philippians  1:3-10

Belinda Thomas - BathCAN

Day 34 - Today let us pray for


... our witness in the places where we live

“We feel like we can be real, be authentic, be ourselves, here in Twerton.  We take great comfort from Jesus’ words in the Beatitudes when he says “blessed are the poor in spirit”.

If you know that you are weak, if you know that you don’t have it all together, if you know that you need God, I want to encourage you today that you are blessed.

Someone defined evangelism as one beggar pointing another beggar to where to find bread.  That is what we are doing here as a church.  We are beggars sharing where to find bread with other beggars.  We are the poor sharing with the poor.

There are different kinds of poverty.  There is a significant material and emotional poverty here in Twerton.  But ultimately we are the poor in spirit sharing with other poor how to find the Saviour Jesus.

Be encouraged today with the blessing of knowing that we are weak, but he is strong.”

Let us pray...

For the mission of our churches in the areas where we live

For everyone who lives in the Twerton area

That we may be able to recognise that we are beggars ourselves, and poor in spirit

That we may be able to point others to where to find the bread of life

That we may know that we are blessed ourselves, and will then be able to share that blessing with others

Rev. Richard White, Team Rector, St Michaels Church, Twerton 

Day 35 - Today let us pray for


Southdown and other areas

Today we think about those areas of Bath where the needs are the highest, and where the communities need active support from public services, from local churches, from charities and from local volunteers

We pray...

  • For families who face multiple challenges, that they may see new hope
  • For children and young people, that they may be supported and encouraged to make positive choices in their lives
  • For the churches in those areas, that they may see the needs around them, and then respond with God’s grace
  • For the charities who bring support, that they will be able to engage with the people who can benefit from their help
  • For friendships to develop and for good relationships within the whole community

Lois Francis, Church of God, Southdown

Day 36 - Today we remember


...our loved ones who have died during this COVID-19 pandemic

You may also wish to join the event:   Remembering Together 

Today we remember our loved ones who have died during the time of the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • We thank you Lord for our loved ones, and for all the love that that they shared with their families and friends
  • We thank you for the good times that we remember with them, and for the blessing of all being together
  • We ask you to meet us in our grief and in our loss
  • We pray for all of us who are left behind, that we may all know your peace and your comfort, and be surrounded and filled with your love.

Please join us online tonight Wednesday 24th March, 7pm via Bath Abbey YouTube channel

This is open to everyone: we will take time as members of the wider and diverse community to pause together, to offer thanks and to celebrate the life of our loved ones.

You are all welcome; those of all faiths and none. We will reach out to one another as an act of unity and understanding from wherever we are.

This is a joint offering made by Royal United Hospital Bath, Bath Abbey, affiliated faith communities, Dorothy House Hospice Care and Bath & North East Somerset Care Homes.

Day 37 - Today let us pray for


Let us bless individuals and groups who we know with this prayer

Think upon who you would use this prayer for today and use their name. 

(Name) we bless you in the name of Jesus;  that he might give you life; the abundant life that God desires for you. 


(Name) we bless you in the name of Jesus; that He may raise a hedge around you and that you may know his protection over your mind and in all your life circumstances. 


(Name)  we bless you in the name of Jesus, that He may open the eyes of your heart and that you may receive a revelation of the heart, character and purposes of God and the wisdom he has for your life.


(Name) we bless you in the name of Jesus, that He might be your comforter and you may feel the comfort and sustenance of God in your waking and sleeping, working and playing.


(Name) we bless you in the name of Jesus, that He may fill you anew and that you may be a vessel of Holy Spirit empowered wholeness. 


(Name) we bless you in the name of Jesus, that He may be continually renewing you, refreshing the patterns of your thinking so that you may be whole and complete as God intended.



Day 38 - Today let us pray for


... The YMCA's Big Sleep Easy Event tonight

YMCA Big Sleep Easy

Many people end up homeless because they have fallen on hard times such as unemployment, needing to leave the family home, or relationship breakdowns – it can happen to anyone.

This is the day of the YMCA Big Sleep Easy – an event where we encourage people to sleep out / rough and raise money to support our valuable work with vulnerable young people and homelessness.  This year, due to the pandemic,  we are asking people to sleep anywhere other than their bed – so maybe the lounge floor or if they have an outside space, to use that – but to stay safe.

Let us pray...

  • For all those who are really sleeping rough tonight or are at risk of homelessness or feeling scared in their accommodation.
  • That they can feel the love of God’s nurturing arms and seek the help and support they need to move on or move out of their current situation and seek support. 
  • That a time will come when no one needs to be homeless in this country and further afield, and everyone can access a safe place to stay
  • For all those supporting the YMCA tonight by taking part in the Big Sleep Easy or by sponsoring their valuable charitable work

Find out more about the YMCA Big Sleep Here

Day 39 - Today let us pray for


...for healing

We remember today those in Bath and the surrounding area who are living with terminal illnesses and with long-term health conditions

We pray for support...

  • That they may know your love and receive peace and patience and wholeness
  • That they may receive all the care and support that they need
  • For proper housing that accommodates their specific needs
  • For all those who care for them, as professional staff or as family members and friends
  • For special blessings every day

And we pray for complete healing...

  • We command all these illnesses to go in the name of Jesus Christ, to bring healing and peace

May those affected hear from their doctors that they are healed from their condition

From the heart of Barbara Kaehler


Day 40 - Today let us pray for


...those seeking employment

Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic, or feel that their future work is uncertain

Let us pray...

  • For all those who are looking for new work following the pandemic, that new doors will open, and they will be able to see the way ahead
  • For enough support for all those in need - whether from the government, from local government, from local charities, or from friends and family
  • For employers large and small, that their businesses may thrive
  • For the creation of new jobs in every sector, as our economy starts to bounce back
  • That new opportunities will emerge

Day 41 - Today let us pray for


...our villages surrounding Bath

The city of Bath is surrounded by villages in beautiful countryside.  Each village is a special and unique community.

We pray...

  • For the churches in our villages, and all those who belong to them, that they may be sustained and filled with your love
  • For the leaders of our village churches, for blessing and encouragement
  • For the community in each village, that friendships may abound, and that neighbours will be able to help neighbours in times of need
  • For Parish Councils, that they may have wisdom and foresight
  • For God’s blessing and protection on all who live in our villages
  • For other villages known to us in other parts of the country

Then Jesus went round teaching from village to village. Mark 6:7

Day 42 - Today let us pray for


...salt and light

Let us each pray for...

  • God’s help for myself in being salt and light in the world
  • His blessing on the people I meet and the places I visit
  • My workplace, home and family, and the clubs and organisations I belong to
  • Other Christians to be salt and light

“You are the salt of the earth.  But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?...You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  Instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5: 13-16 

Day 43 - Today let us pray


...for businesses

Today we pray for businesses in the Bath area

  • That those running businesses of any size in this area will have insight and wisdom on the way forward
  • For protection for all those who are experiencing serious challenges
  • That they may be able to manage all the changes that will be required as we all emerge from lockdown
  • That there will always be enough income to run the business successfully
  • That good relationships with suppliers and customers will be maintained and developed
  • That new jobs may be created

Day 44 - Today let us pray for


...Palliative Care

Dorothy House, a charity founded on Christian principles, offers physical, psychological, social and spiritual care to patients and their families as they face life threatening illness.  In their homes or at the hospice, patients are treated with palliative care to give them the best possible quality of life.

Let us pray for...

  • Those living with terminal illness, their families and friends
  • New patients recently diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • All patients receiving palliative care at home and those caring for them
  • Relatives, especially younger adults and children
  • Wisdom and compassion for the doctors and nursing staff caring for in-patients
  • Strength and guidance for medical staff and volunteers, including chaplains
  • Give thanks for all the support staff in the hospice and for the vital and caring work they do

Day 45 - Let us pray on this


...Good Friday

Dear God,

We remember today, the pain and suffering of the cross, and all that Jesus was willing to endure, so we could be set free. He paid the price, such a great sacrifice, to offer us the gift of eternal life.

Help us never to take for granted this huge gift of love on our behalf. Help us to be reminded of the cost of it all. Forgive us for being too busy, or distracted by other things, for not fully recognizing what you freely given, what you have done for us.

Thank you Lord that by your wounds we are healed. Thank you that because of your huge sacrifice we can live free. Thank you that sin and death have been conquered, and that your Power is everlasting.

Thank you that we can say with great hope, “It is finished…” For we know what’s still to come. And death has lost its sting. We praise you for you are making all things new.

In Jesus’ Name,


We would like to encourage you to pray for Bath, for all our institutions, and for all our residents and visitors. There is much for which we can all give thanks and praise, and there is much that we all together need to ask God for in our prayers.

“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you
into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will

Jeremiah 29: 7

Please use this site to keep informed and to direct your prayers for the Bath area

“Urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and
thanksgiving be made for all people for kings and all those in
authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and
holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Saviour”

1 Timothy 2:1-3

“I pray also for those who will believe in me...
that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.
May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me”

John 17:21

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